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Meet M


I’m M. Michaela actually, but M is easier and quicker to spell!

I was born to feed people. It nurtures my soul and brings me masses of joy. Cooking began at a young age, not always successfully! I sensed that I could show people how much I cared for them by making them yummy things to eat. Growing up living in different countries around the world immersed me in a variety of cuisines and cultures. Those experiences nurtured the joy I found in cooking for people and I cooked, and I cooked, and I cooked. Consequently, food guides how I live my life. I am grateful that it has helped me determine how I really want to spend my working life; creating Experiences With M.

At the beginning of 2019 I leapt into the world of self-employment as a freelance private chef. Desperate for more purpose and freedom than I had in my day job, I realised the only way I achieve that was to be entirely accountable for my work life. I had worked in professional kitchens earlier in my career, and had thought that would tick the box for me by way of saying I’d given the chef life a go. It wasn’t enough though, and ten years later I began my professional food adventure again, only this time I needed to make it work for me. I’ve learned that combining my desire to feed people, building meaningful relationships by spending time with those people, being able to feed off the reactions of people learning about, and eating the food I’ve cooked for them, is essential for me.

Come and join me – making memories through joyful experiences.

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